Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not So Very Organized

In our foyer, next to the stairs, is a triangular cabinet that Len made with some of the boys. It holds a few candles and "I'm going to play Mass" supplies--golden plate, wine glass, etc. A few days ago Becca asked me to help set up the Mass table. No problem--I even cleaned up with her afterwards. That's when I idly picked up the random little box that had been on the cabinet for a while. Before moving it to the basement, I took a look inside and found:

a gift card
for me
from my parents
from Christmas!

Good grief! Doesn't say much (good, anyway) about my housekeeping skills, does it?

Anyway: Mom and Dad, thanks so much for your generous gift. I'm retroactively spending it on the sweater I bought while shopping with David to replace yet another ruined pair of school pants. And since that was in February, and it was on sale, I still have almost half the card left! Love, Barbara
P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Mom/Mimi said...
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Mom/Mimi said...

You look wonderful in green. Thanks for the picture. Couldn't be happier for the March surprise and hope you can use the rest soon. When I was at my Kohl's looking for the gift for the Dragones, I noticed racks and racks of reduced priced women's clothes. Just for fun, I looked at a sweater hanging on the end of a rack and it had been reduced to $3.20!! I wished I had time to look for granddaughters future gifts. Go shop! XO

March 19, 2009 9:17 AM