Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On Saturday Daniel was confirmed by the Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio, archbishop of the military. Mass was lovely, and the singing of the litany of the saints during the anointing was especially moving.

We invited family and friends over to celebrate. I thought it was a low-key menu (picked by Dan), but it takes a long time to cook 40 hamburgers--just ask Len!

But Len's biggest role in this sacrament is the preparation. He's handled 7th and 8th grade religious education for all our teens so far. Of course this saves me time, but the biggest benefit is the children's exposure to my husband's thoughtfullness and godliness. He may or may not be smarter than me (why speculate?), but he certainly THINKS more (often and deeply) than I do!

White chocolate rasperry cake on Saturday--yum! And now back to Lent...

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Mom/Mimi said...

We were honored and blessed to have been present for this wonderful occasion! God bless you Dan and may the Holy Spirit always be your guide.
Lots of love,
Granddad and Mimi