Sunday, August 8, 2010

Too Little, Too Late?

Parsley is one of our doorstep herbs. I grow it for eating, of course, but also as part of our caterpillar tradition.

This year's seeds did not thrive, to put it mildly. (Two separate plantings of basil also flopped. Seedlings from my sister are saving the summer.)
Hoping it's not too late (our caterpillars usually appear in late August or early September), I bought some parsley for replanting.It doesn't look like much yet, but hope springs eternal, right?While working, I noticed that some of our current crop had been . . . cropped.I'm not sure what's been nibbling, so I decided to plant one set of seedlings in the fenced backyard garden. We'll see if those stems are more prosperous.Updated: I just watered both plots, and the backyard group looks healthier today. It may be because I separated those into fewer sections, or maybe the scrawny stems in front didn't get planted deeply enough. Time will tell. Wish me luck!

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Pam said...

so glad my little seedlings did the trick!