Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My mom instituted our family's tradition of "sursies." I think the name is based on "surprise", but that's not the full definition. A sursie is a little, "just because" sort of treat given to someone who needs a lift or that you're thinking of or who would appreciate this little something you've just found. A cherry pitter, holy card, sticker book, or bit of chocolate could be a sursie.

Inspired by a friend, I collected treats for Lauren when she went away to school. I wrapped and labelled them so she could open something from me every other day for a month.

Tomrrow we're driving David to SMCM, so I just finished wrapping his sursies.When he saw the dates he wondered what would stop him from opening them all at once. Yes, I'm relying on the self control of an 18 year old away from my supervision...

And that's why I won't yet tell you what exciting gifts are in those appealingly wrapped parcels. David reads this blog, and I can't spoil his surprise now, can I?

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