Saturday, August 21, 2010

Foolproof Recipe for Grit

No, I am NOT talking about breakfast food... Ingredients
1 dog with long fur and short legs
tall grass, sprinkled with dew (puddles are optional)1 unpaved trailProcedure
  1. Walk with dog along dew-lined trail.
  2. Return home.
Yield: One belly coated with grit.Hosing off is highly recommended before serving (allowing back in the house).

This dirt cannot be removed with just a towel! It's entwined in Dusty's fur and fastened by dampness. Left alone, it falls/rubs off as he dries, sometimes in a pile where he's resting. He doesn't like being rinsed, but resigns himself once I step on the leash.

The other day, as Len watered the garden, he wondered why Dusty ran away as soon as he picked up the hose. That was one question I knew how to answer. :-)

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