Friday, September 11, 2009

Homeschool Crafts

I love the idea of crafting with my children, but let's be real--it's not a priority for me and hardly ever happens.

This year I'm going to try again, and to that end have blocked out a few hours on Friday afternoons. Hopefully it won't become "make-up-our-unfinished-work" time!

Our science book features swimming creatures, and at the author's suggestion we've painted an "ocean box." We made varying shades of blue for different depths, and glued sand to the bottom. For each chapter the children will make clay animals to install in our box.
That means I've already got about 13 weeks of crafts scheduled, and they're ones that need to be done as part of the science curriculum. Either that will MAKE me do it, or I'll feel even worse when I slack off. Stay tuned...

Today's "craft" was a little more up my alley: we made pesto for the freezer. The four of us worked together, harvesting, washing, spinning, peeling, pressing, measuring, pouring, etc. etc. etc. Call it edible art. As part of my "it's really going to happen this time" campaign, I'm trying to plan specific crafts weeks ahead. There are the sea creatures. I've also scheduled four weeks to make and freeze Christmas cookies, and some dates to work on Jesus Tree cutouts for Lent (which I bought last year but--no surprise--didn't use). We'll see. Hope springs eternal, at least at the beginnning of the school year.

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