Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

In the end we did feed folks, but it was actually more of a cooking frenzy!

Our first Soup Night of the season was tonight. We served two soups--onion and chicken noodle--and due to a lack of I'm-not-sure-what (not planning--I knew this was coming and had all the ingredients), I found myself after soccer with TWO HOURS to make soup 1 and soup 2 and garlic-cheese-baguette toppers. The ONLY thing that had been prepared ahead was the batch of slow-cooked onions.

I usually take care of Soup Night mostly on my own, especially the food preparation. That didn't last long today.

Soon enough Len was in the kitchen, stripping tendons from 6 pounds of chicken tenders (no, we didn't use them all). Then I called David in to slice and toast baguettes. Next Rebecca was peeling garlic, Joe was rubbing it on the toast, and Marianna and her friend were peeling carrots. The pace picked up, and while Len drove to soccer, the four children took care of task after task as we raced to get finished. There was more washing and baking and gathering and cleaning, and they were dismissed with just a few minutes to spare.

Dinner was tasty, the company was great, and I was able to relax a bit, too. I usually enjoy taking care of this night myself, but it is a relief to know I have my wonderful family to count on when the going gets tough!

Some fun photos:
21 cups of sliced onionsbecame 3 cups! (I scraped a hole in the onions below so you can see how close to the bottom of the pot they are.)Three cheers for my mandoline!The recipe for onion soup is here.

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