Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost a Disaster

Remember my belated Christmas trip to Clay Cafe with the little girls? Part of their designs included ladybugs inspired by the perky, friendly lady at the store. She showed the girls how to make red thumbprints which she then turned into bugs with detail paint.

We spent two hours working, and when we left, Miss G was helping someone else. She made one ladybug on Marianna's plate so as to remember the preferred direction, but decided to transform the rest during a quieter moment at the store.

Fast forward a week or so, to Len's pickup of the girls' treasures. He brought them home, they were unwrapped, and then the weeping began: red thumbprints (NOT ladybugs!) on both plates. Even my heart sank when I saw them. All that effort, wasted.

I emailed Miss G (she wasn't in when I called), but the best I could hope for was a refund or free redo, neither of which would be truly satisfying. Imagine my delight when she told me (for you real artists, this is no surprise) that she COULD paint the details and refire the plates!

We've had them back for awhile now, and the girls use them almost daily:
I'm sure you can imagine how pitiful the heart plate looked with one ladybug and a zillion red thumbprints:Yes, Rebecca painted the rainbow herself, although I did tidy it up with additional coats. The colors are even in the correct order, although she didn't have room for indigo.


Frau Nelson said...

Soooo cute!

Mom/Mimi said...

Absolutely adorable! What a keepsake having lady bug thumb prints as decorations. The items are really works of art!
Lots of love,