Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Summer in January

Each child received a "big gift" this Christmas. Lauren got a slim digital camera (for when the one she shares with Len is too big), David got a bike, and Rebecca got her kitchen. The other three got a trip with their lucky mom to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg.

Last Thursday we drove down just ahead of a snowstorm with one of our favorite "easy listening" authors on cd (No Talking). By 2:00 we were in our room and headed for the ginormous indoor waterpark! It was fun to pad around in our swimsuits and watch the cold January rain falling outside. We spent some time all together, but the boys also went off on their own while Marianna and I had our girl time.

We checked out the next morning but stayed at the waterpark until 4:00 p.m. There was so much to do: lazy river, wave pool, body surfing, body slides, tube slides, big raft slides (6 stories!), and hot tubs (one at a family-friendly temperature). Marianna tried everything but the "Howling Tornado". She enjoyed the slides and also the river and pools. The boys spent much of their time on the slides. I enjoyed being there with "just" three children so I could focus my attention a bit more than usual. Our thanks to Len for taking vacation time from work so he could carpool, cook, and supervise Rebecca!

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