Friday, December 28, 2007

The Christmas Kitchen

Last year, at my urging, Len built Becca a stove and fridge out of cardboard. She had so much fun with these simple toys! This year after much waffling, I asked Grammy and Grandpop to help us buy her this wooden kitchen. I was probably more excited than anyone at the unveiling. :-)

Becca has already spent countless hours playing in her kitchen. It's in my kitchen, which I love, because I get to watch and listen as she mothers her babies, cooks for friends, or plays house with Marianna. We already had lots of play food, and Mimi and Granddad bought her some new pots and pans. There are hooks for the potholder, towel, and homemade apron (used to be Lauren's--sniff). What a great gift for our little girl.


Anne said...

Peter got his own kitchen for Christmas, too. We got rid of the one we had for Emma and Charlie two moves ago, but it was time for my little cook to have his own little kitchen. He makes me things all day long. Maybe he will eventually take over all the cooking in the house! Though he didn't get a 'pastel' kitchen. Hid looks more 'manly.' (ha, ha).

RamapoValleyTrailRunner said...

This is bigger than our real kitchen, me thinks.