Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thank God for Aunts

My children are blessed with some wonderful aunts.  They love my kids, pray for them, offer treats and cousin time, and accept them unconditionally.  I'm so grateful to them all.
Len's sister lives nearest to us, and is a champion example of aunt-awesomeness.  (When I grow up, maybe I'll be as good as she is.)  She comes over regularly (even though most of the children are too old to be baby-sat) and spends quality thought, time, and resources on gift-giving occasions.
For example, to celebrate Joseph's birthday, she took him out to eat (twice in one day--those teen boy appetites!) and then to a rock-climbing class.
MA bought Rebecca a Sculpey starter set and project book for her birthday.  She took her out to eat, then came home to work with the clay.  The ladies created
colorful pony-tail holders (with a button kit)
 and twisted bracelets.
 Thank you, 'sters, for your gifts of time and love.

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