Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, Good Saint Joseph . . .

A few Lents ago I began praying daily for particular pairs of fathers and sons.  Many of the boys were entering the adolescent stage of questioning or resisting God and religion.  Only a few of the dads are men of faith.  My original three sets have expanded to include seven father/son groups!
I've prayed a separate Hail Mary for each pair nearly every day until recently.  I wanted a more masculine and intentional prayer; it's not always easy to stay focused through the Hail Marys.  Looking to St. Joseph, I've been developing a request that works better for me.  The first line brings up an image that stays with me as I focus and pray.  Here's the current version of my new prayer:
Oh, good Saint Joseph, put your arms around the shoulders of ______ and ______; turn them towards your son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.  As the head of the Holy Family, inspire and empower ______ to be a good and holy leader of his family.  As the foster father of Jesus, inspire ______ to open his heart in obedience and love to his father and God our Father.  Amen.

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