Thursday, December 13, 2012

Delayed Gratification

Over the past few seasons, Len and the boys have taken out some ugly bushes.  Len moved the compost pile to an easy-to-dump-into-from-the-deck location.  Most recently, he and Becca fenced in another spot and planted . . .
seedless Concord grapes!
Seven or eight years ago I read about the recently developed Thomcord, a hybrid of Thompson (seedless green) and Concord (delicious, super-grapey flavor with huge seeds) grapes.  At that point they were only available in California farmers' markets, but the article speculated that they would gradually spread nationwide.

I still haven't seen them in a grocery store, but Len found some planting vines (twigs?) on line.  If they survive our weather and deer, we could harvest our first grapes in two years.

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