Saturday, April 7, 2012

More From Rome

Another update from Joseph's trip leader:

Thy Kingdom Come!

Greetings again from Rome!  It has been a great trip so far and all of the guys have been fantastic!  We've been very busy, so I can't say everything we've done, but here are some highlights:

On Wednesday, we had one of the more special moments of the trip, getting to attend the Papal audience.  We were very early and got in the 2nd and 3rd row, but most of the boys were able to be right on the fence when the Holy Father drove by in the popemobile!  Also, our group was welcomed by name by the English speaking priest who welcomed the groups and introduced the Pope's comments in English.  When we jumped up and cheered, Pope Benedict looked our way and waved.  That afternoon we got to visit St John Lateran and then climb the Holy Stairs on our knees (these were the stairs from the Praetorium that Jesus walked up during his trial with Pilate...brought to Rome by St. Helen).  Then we went to the Church of the Holy Cross which has many relics from the Passion, including wood from the true Cross and one of the nails.

Yesterday we saw the Colosseum and Roman Forum before going to St. John Lateran for the Mass of the Lord's Supper (long but beautiful...we got seats but not very close...a lot of people pushed ahead of us in line).

I'll try to write again soon, we are keeping all of you in our prayers!

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