Monday, April 30, 2012

Almost Heaven . . .

. . . West Virginia  (So are you old enough that this song is instantly in your head?)

We spent a few days of Easter week hiking and relaxing in the Mountain State.  Joe arrived home (from Rome) late Tuesday night, and we were off by 0800 Wednesday.

Len had planned a hike to occupy the afternoon before checking in to our vacation rental.  The first clue that we weren't in the cozy suburbs anymore? 
Snow dusting a spiderweb!
Indeed, we enjoyed our best snow of the season that third day after Easter!  ;-)  I realize that's not saying much--we had a paltry snowfall this year.
 ALMOST dressed for success--no boots--only sneakers!
 Rebecca said it felt as if we were walking in Narnia.
 She rolled this snowball as we hiked, carrying it on and on,
 until the building of the snowman.
 One of many creek crossings.  One way (snow) or another our feet were bound to get soaked.
 Building up a crossing spot for the (ahem) less agile among us.
 A few reminders that it was actually spring.
 Followed by a well earned reward!
 A 12.7 mile hike was scheduled for day 2.  It took us about 8 hours.  Here's our snowy start:

 Can you see the paw prints and tail trail?


 Plenty of creek crossings again.
Our return to Narnia.
 Tired, but still smiling.
 Day 3:  Blackwater Falls (a boardwalk, not a hike this time)

 Dinner at Hellbender Burritos (named for a local salamander)--huge, unique (chili, cheese steak, BBQ, etc.) wraps.

 Becca had the kid size (?) !
 On our way home, we stopped at the fascinating nature center.
The sandbox includes molds for making pawprints.
We planned to drive home in time for Saturday's 5:30 mass because Len had to leave early Sunday morning for his spring kayaking trip.  He was kind enough to let me follow a billboard down a long, windy road to an alpaca farm.  The store was closed (too bad) because it was shearing weekend (cool!). 

The owner was so welcoming, showing us around the barn and allowing us to watch the shearing process.  Fascinating!  She and Len also shared some shop talk about sheep dogs, alpaca reproduction, etc.
We had a wonderful trip, thanks especially to Len, who organized almost everything.  What a guy!  Other unshown highlights:  domino games, hot chocolate, horseshoes, hanging out by the fireplace, movie nights, knitting time,  etc.

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Frau Nelson said...

Wow, what a great trip! It looks like you guys had a blast and the pictures are top notch! XO