Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sometimes They Lead Me, Part 2

Months ago I wrote "call bluebells" in my planner, but Rebecca is the one who reminded me to actually do it yesterday.  I hear they're blooming well, and will probably peak this week/end.  Hurrah!  We'll get there Thursday, between violin and carpools . . .

Meanwhile, on the way home from the library, Marianna suggested "school by the creek."  I should be the one leading them out into nature, but it often works the other way around.

We packed a few backpacks and headed out.

The creek bed is not sandy or muddy or pebbly.  It contains many big rocks, and everything below the waterline is extremely slippery.  Here's the first fall :
Joe found this guy was basking on a rock, just like us.  We checked our field guides, but have not yet identified it.
Rebecca found some frog eggs . . .
. . . which turned out to be air bubbles.

Marianna was also upset by her first fall (oh, the indignity of it all!), but soon both girls had become bathing beauties.

I wrote in my nature notebook.  Dusty chewed through his leash.  Joe retrieved a colored pencil before it floated away.  Joe and Becca touched the snake (with a stick since we weren't sure of its species).

Um, no, we didn't get any "real" school done.  ;-)

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Anne said...

Going to see the bluebells is something I never did while I lived in VA. I never knew about them! Oh how I wish I had. Looks like a great day. Wish we were there! We have snow on the ground --and last week it was over 80! Michigan just can't decide if winter is over or not. I say 'It's over!'