Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Bluebell Time Again!

You're welcome to join us for our traditional walk through Bull Run Regional Park. The weather was perfect this morning--sunny, mid-70's, with a hint of a breeze. (Thunderstorms are forecast for tonight!)The stars of the show, of course, are the bluebells.Spring beauties are also lovely. Can you see the pink stamens in this first photo?The pink stripes will fade a bit as the blooms mature (note yellow stamens here).These two plants don't always peak together, but today they made a gorgeous combo.
Every year I take pictures of the bluebell vista, and every year I am disappointed to see how the photos look on the computer. I'm never able to capture the endless view of a blue and green haze extending to the horizon among the tall trees.These will have to do. Trust me, it's so much more ethereal in real life.This is the first year I remember when boots were non-essentials. Not only was it not muddy, it was DRY.Above and below are photos taken standing in the bottom of one of the branches of the creek.Some water was flowing, so it was still possible to wade and float boats and toss rocks (and dried mud) and get dirty. We also spent some time drawing, although I sketched Joe instead of flowers.
Here he is up on the trail while I stand down near the water. The banks have steeply (deeply?) eroded over the years.
More pix of the children:Thanks for joining us. I hope you're enjoying spring wherever you are.

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