Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Sports

Since David's been driving to school (since March 15th--thanks for asking), I've been reveling in my freedom from rush hour. Unfortunately, now that I'm not needed for transportation, I've attended only two lacrosse games this season. Bad mom.

Their team made it into the state tournament, so tomorrow they'll be riding a bus to the game. Four HOURS away. Yikes!

Last week, Len, the younger siblings, and I watched our boys play and their team win on a beautiful, sunny day.These aren't exciting shots except that I can recognize my son. Mostly it's hard to tell who's who under all the gear.And some action: How can you go wrong with a ball and sticks and a game that encourages hitting players with said sticks? I'm pretty sure that's David's favorite part. ;-)Daniel does spend most of his time ready to play. He's the backup goalie, but will likely be a starter next year (our current goalie is graduating). He did play one entire game (strep throat sidelined the other guy) and performed well (11 saves out of 14 shots).

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