Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My mom responded to my Mother's Day post by suggesting I not discount the effect of hormones on my psyche. She compared the 40's (okay, late 40's) to the teen years in the sense that changes and imbalances and transitions can make for unsettled (and often unpleasant) emotions.

When I was a teenager and a young woman, I took great offense at any suggestion that my gripe, complaint, anger, or sadness might be related to my hormonal stage. I believed that was a belittling of my experiences, as if they didn't matter or weren't true/real.

Now the same idea brings me relief! The thought that at least some of my angst or easily triggered unhappiness might be due to chemicals is more pleasant than the belief that life is really that tough.

Knowing that my life stage itself may be a factor helps intellectually, although I doubt it will change any emotions. I've never been one to successfully talk myself out of a bad mood. I can understand, but that doesn't change my feelings--it seems they need to fade on their own.

Final quote from Mom: "It does get better!"

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