Friday, March 26, 2010


I taught our writing co-op (14 students, grades 4-9) again this week. It was a lively class; we brainstormed/outlined two paragraphs. Then I erased the outlines so we could write a paragraph. I had filled almost the entire board before realizing that somehow I was now writing with a permanent marker. Aargh!

I hunted the internet for solutions. The best bet so far seems to be "Spot Shot" carpet cleaner (which we happen to have) rubbed off with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Len added some elbow grease, and the board has progressed to the hazy stage. I'll try another treatment in attempt to achieve complete cleanliness.

Not exactly the kind of teaching moment I'd been hoping for... ;-)


Mom/Mimi said...

Hi Honey,
For some reason, nail polish remover comes to mind. If you have some on hand, you might try some on a small area and see what happens. There are two kinds of remover now, with and without acetone. I would think the acetone type may work better.
Let me know.
Mom (aka The Stain Queen)

Melissa G said...

I have used hand sanitizer and baby wipes to get permanent marker off my white board. I heard cheap hair spray works too. It must be the alcohol content in them. I used straight rubbing alcohol to get the dry erase marker off of my rug, so it might work for permanent marker and white boards too.
Good luck!