Friday, October 2, 2009


These children just keep on growing!
  • David turned 17 this summer.
  • He's been taller than me for a long while and has the deepest voice in the house.
  • He recently received a letter of commendation for oustanding performance on the PSAT--not the very highest rank, but still in the top 3%.
  • On Wednesday his paperwork made him an official VA driver. We still must go to court to obtain the plastic copy, but it is already legal for him to drive solo. So far he's managed to wangle the keys in order to buy me some hard-to-find pasta and to get himself a haircut. He seems to be on the "errand a day" plan. ;-)
  • With his participation in choirs, band, Sea Scouts, and work, and preparation of college applications, one might be amazed he has so much time left for online friends and videos...
Too soon I'll be missing two.

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Colleen said...

Oh boy, been there. Time goes so fast. Prayers and hugs!