Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small Successes: the Foodie Edition


It will surprise no one who knows me that this week's successes are food related. The kitchen arts are my favorite pieces of the homemaking game.
  1. Using recipes from four different cookbooks, Marianna and I prepared her meal together: corn chowder (good), broccoli with cheese sauce (the sauce started out too thin and became downright watery when baked with the broc, but was tasty nonetheless), hash browns (excellent), and dark chocolate truffle ice cream (how could it be anything but excellent?).
  2. I helped organize the faculty lunch for one day of evaluation conferences. I've brought food before (on our conference day), but it was a new commitment for me to make a separate trip to school and to make so many phone calls rounding up the other volunteers.
  3. After six weeks of neglect, I finally posted a new recipe on my cooking blog.
  4. (Yes, I'm going for four--did I mention I'm a foodie?) Len and I spent over an hour pitting this year's sour cherry harvest. Our distraction was the first episode of 2008's John Adams mini series. I enjoyed it for the history (Did you know John Adams successfully defended the British soldiers of the Boston Massacre? I didn't!), but also for the comfortable, tender married love of John and Abigail. It wasn't showy, but beautiful.
What are your successes this week? Share the inspiration and encouragement over at Faith and Family Live.

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Samantha said...

Thanks for your recipe link. I'm always looking for something new to try!