Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Return to the Vernal Pool

Four children and I went back to the vernal pool yesterday. We found two sizes of tadpoles with four legs each, and tiny frogs with long tails. Here are some inadequate photos (Lauren would have been a great asset):
The above picture gives a good idea of relative size, but you probably can't see the tail. Below is a slightly better view. This little guy was resting under a stick.Several of these frogs with tails were hopping around. Great camouflage, huh?There's been a lot of rain recently, so the mud was both copious and sticky.
When our shadows touched the shallows, swarms of tadpoles raced for deeper water. I stood still and watched them swim back bit by bit, gathering near the shore. I tried to take a picture of the crowd, but couldn't get anything suitable. I tried auto and manual focusing, but need some training to capture the view of something below the surface of the water.

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