Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Almost Empty Nest

Good grief--there were only three people at the dinner table tonight--me, my husband, and the four-year old. Where was everybody?

Lauren: visiting her boyfriend.
David: at work.
Daniel: at camp.
Joseph: visiting his cousin.
Marianna: having dinner at a friend's house.

And of course I had thawed out enough chicken to feed the entire family! I'm thinking the leftovers will go into chef's salad tomorrow...

It's almost eerie to have so few children around. I'm not looking forward to life without them.


Gae said...

I can feel for you.
I already think how empty it will be when our children leave home.
There is nothing like a nearly 20 year old to start you thinking about this.
I know how blessed I am it will take many years yet with our wide age range,Thanks be to God.
God Bless

Gae said...
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