Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Proud Mommy Moment

We spent a long weekend in New York, up for my neice's 8th grade graduation and a combo grad/Confirmation boat party. It was a lovely visit.

When we arrived home late Sunday, a letter awaited Joseph: he's been accepted into a county-wide youth orchestra!

Earlier this spring Joe auditioned for a highly competitive regional youth orchestra, but did not get in. I was proud that he was willing to gear up (mentally and musically) for another try-out. Being invited to join is a happy accomplishment for him. He's being recognized for his violin progress so far, and can now look forward to working and growing with other young musicians. I think being part of a large group will make practice seem more practical.

There are of course logistical issues--the weekly rehearsal/lesson/whatever is on week nights and not close by (I believe I've mentioned before that our metro traffic is #2 on the national "bad list"...), BUT it will be great for Joe AND I feel confident that we'll be able to form a carpool with other edge-of-the-county parents.

Three cheers for Joseph! (And thanks to his violin teacher for her talent and encouragement.)

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