Thursday, May 28, 2009

Small Successes: the Daughters' Edition


I've been trying this week to implement my renewed commitment to intentional parenting. I'm not perfect (shocking!), but have had some successes:
  1. Rebecca and I went on a nature hike last week. Yes, the event has already been blogged, but it still belongs on this list.
  2. I helped Marianna create a pop-up card for her dance teacher. We used a Klutz kit that used to belong to her big sister.
  3. In the fall Lauren will begin sharing a house with several other girls. Last night we sat down together to copy recipes she wants to take with her. She recorded the ones that are closest to the book version, while I tackled the ones that have multiple notes or are just lists of ingredients. There are plenty more to go, but progress has been made.
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ViolinMama said...

Many Kudos to you!!!! Awesome, and God Bless!!!