Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Bits

I don't have a real post for today. Just consider these bits to be my side of a chatty phone call:
  • Today was what I call a "30 degree day", not uncommon in certain seasons here: it was 41* during the morning walk, and hit the low 70's by this afternoon. Weird.
  • Lauren and I went to NY for a baptism this weekend (her third godchild!). Six hours up Saturday morning, six hours back Sunday night, and totally worth it.
  • Joe went camping in Gettysburg with his scout troop this weekend and had fun despite the rain.
  • My surreal weekend moment: someone was talking to me about "getting away", and asked how it was to travel with just one child along. I replied that she was mistaken, it was actually my look-alike sister who had brought her five-year-old. It turns out I was mistaken--L was talking about Lauren!
  • Netflix may be a luxury, but it's one I heartily enjoy. We get family movies, kid movies, grownup movies, and plenty of school movies. Lately we've watched Slumdog Millionaire (which deserves all its accolades), Blues Clues (8 episodes on one disc!), Life in the Undergrowth (up close and personal with spiders, slugs, and insects), The Sixth Sense, and Flubber. I keep meaning to post mini movie reviews, and maybe someday I'll actually get around to it.
  • Speaking of movies, I saw the new Star Trek flick with Dave and Dan last week. It's the best ST movie so far. (Yes, I know that's not saying much...) Pity my poor sister who had to hear my ST comments about a hundred times on our baptism trip; I really need to get out more often. ;-)
  • David's lacrosse team went to the state championships in Richmond on Saturday, and lost in a close battle (13-12, I think).
  • One of Marianna's birthday gifts was special time with her aunt yesterday. They went for a hike, then shoe shopping, then out to lunch. Len's sister is a thoughtful gift-giver, almost always squeezing time out of her busy life for some kind of outing. Next week Daniel is going on a belated trip with her (he was sick during the originally planned time) to the Spy Museum.
  • I got my long overdue haircut today. I don't think anyone noticed, which is just as it should be.
  • School is winding down, but sort of like a whirlpool running down the drain. Tomorrow looks like this: Len driving all the way to school (David) and fine arts dress rehearsal (the rest of the carpool), Kids' Korner at the nature center for Rebecca, a visit by Len to his parents before taking the rehearsalees back to school, then the regular afternoon carpool, scouts for Joe, kayak meeting for Len, and book club for me.
  • Thursday (yes, May 21!) is the last day of classes for David and Daniel! Unbelievable!
God bless YOU and your days.

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