Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let There Be Light

For years I've been wistfully wishing (the truth? grumpily griping) for better lighting in our bedroom. We have a nice, bright floor lamp, but the bedside lights were small, low, and too dim for my aging eyes. We've discussed solutions and Len has even shopped in the past, to no avail.

We concluded a recent date night with a trip to Lowe's, determined to spend some anniversary money (thanks, Mom and Dad!) on bedroom lighting. There were surprisingly few choices that met our needs for brightness, wall mounting, etc. We finally settled on this four-bulb fixture; it's a little more modern than our room, but that's okay.Originally all four bulbs were linked, but my clever husband fiddled with the wires to create two light zones. Now one of us can read while the other slumbers peacefully...The attic over the garage is behind the wall, so Len was able to install the lighting without any unsightly cords showing. (Talk about the bonus round--when I married him, I had no idea he is so HANDY!) But check out the photo below for my favorite feature:Look, look, look! My own lightswitch for my lights, and it's within reach of my pillow! Oh, happy day (night?)!

1 comment:

~ Judy ~ said...

Happy Anniversary!

And the lights are so nice!
What's MORE impressive is that you JUST bought them and have them up with wiring done ALREADY!!!!!!!
That thing would've sat on my bedroom floor for weeks while we say, "gotta' get those lights up", LOL