Monday, April 27, 2009

Me and My House

Here's a little news about everyone (See all the things I'm NOT posting about?):
  • Last week Len went on a three day kayaking trip in MD and WV with some local and northern (NY? New England?) paddlers. His favorite part was the first drop on the first day--Swallow Falls, a place we've hiked near Deep Creek Lake.
  • Tomorrow is Lauren's last day of classes. Freshman year is almost over. Wow!
  • David attended his school prom on Saturday. He looked sharp in a black suit with a black shirt, white tie, and black hat. No, I don't have a picture--it was a crazy day! This weekend he'll be a guest at the local homeschool prom.
  • Daniel is sporting a big bruise, earned as the lacrosse goalie of his middle school team. He's enjoying the sport and camaraderie.
  • Joseph recently auditioned (violin) for a local youth philharmonic orchestra. We'll learn in mid-May whether or not he advances to the next try-out. Joe's also (finally, he says!) joined Boy Scouts, and is serious about gathering camping equipment and exercising to prepare for advancement.
  • Marianna has started a "Go Green" club with the neighborhood girls. They pick up trash, imagine ways to save the planet, and spend a lot of time getting wet and muddy in the creek.
  • Rebecca still isn't sure whether she wants to take gymnastics, ballet, or Irish dance lessons. Meanwhile she's pleased that it's warmed up enough (upper 80's!) to fill up the plastic pool under the maple tree. Yay, spring!
  • You already know about my cake. Most of my time is actually spent cooking, cleaning, driving, etc. (okay, sometimes schooling). Yesterday I volunteered at the library book sale, and in the evening Len and I taught an NFP upgrade class (bringing "old method" students up to speed) followed by a postpartum class.
I'm sure that's not all the news, but that's all you're getting for now!

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