Friday, April 24, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Every spring, Trinity's 8th graders celebrate their study of the Middle Ages with a Medieval Banquet. Teachers and parent volunteers help put it all together. My contribution was the cake: For authenticity I wanted to avoid foods that were popularized later, like citrus and chocolate, so this cake is hazelnut with raspberry jelly inside. I was shooting for banquet-fancy, and I'd say this is!
Our kind neighbor allowed me to snip some blooms from her tree. Aren't they gorgeous? Simple, and elegant too.The sliced almond details are my riff on the Trinity symbol used by the school:
Daniel and his classmates had a lot of fun dressing as medieval folk (Dan was a Franciscan monk because we already have a long brown robe.). They enjoyed traditional foods (rustic bread, lentil soup, roast turkey, vegetables, and fruit) while a king and queen presided and a jester entertained the group. What a great tradition!


Mom/Mimi said...

Awesome cake!! Any pictures of young Sir Daniel in his medieval attire?

~ Judy ~ said...

Simply exquisite!

Anne said...

WOW! The cake looks beautiful and I bet it tasted even better. Here is my 'pat on the back' all the way up here. Sure wish I could have seen the festivities up close.


Frau Nelson said...

beautiful work!