Friday, January 9, 2009

Summer in Winter

A family Christmas present this year was a trip to Great Wolf Lodge. We went the second day most schools in our area started back, and so had the place almost all to ourselves. The boogie board ride was broken, but the lack of lines made up for that.

GWL is a hotel with a big indoor waterpark.It's got a lazy river, two hot tubs (Becca's favorite!), wave pool, regular pool, toddler area, water fort, and four sets of slides/rides. The Howlin' Tornado has a big drop before you slide back and forth in a big funnel. I loved it but SCREAMED every time.

So we bonded over water time, games, and cable tv. ;-) And hot chocolate. And Christmas cookies. We brought nearly all our food. It was actually relaxing to eat in the suite, and more convenient, too.Sorry the pictures are so dark. Last year, when I went with three kids, I didn't manage to take any, so consider this an improvement. And please tell me you have trouble getting a decent group shot as well--it seems that difficulty increases exponentially with each additional person!Good grief...

P.S. to my sisters: There's a GWL resort in the Poconos, too!

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