Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soup Buffet

I don't know exactly what this says about me (Thrifty? Organized? Crazy?), but my kitchen freezer is full of pint-sized freezer bags of soup.

When we're getting tired of leftover soup (from soup night or a regular dinner), I'll freeze a portion or two. I tell myself they'd be great for Len to take to work (he always forgets) or for the homeschoolers to eat for lunch (we never do).

So last night we had a snow day soup buffet! I pulled it all out (at least 8 varieties) and let everyone choose a bag. Since we could microwave just a bowl or two at a time, I gave the thawing/warming process a head start by tossing all the chosen bags into a sink full of hot water. In just a few minutes, they were ready for the final zap of heat.
And that was dinner--soup, oatmeal muffins, and fruit. Cozy and easy.
Today I had soup for lunch. Can you believe no one finished up the butternut bisque last night? ;-)

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