Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Little Bit of Advent

We're halfway through the first week of Advent, and have begun digging out and setting up our decorations. Maybe I'd be more on the ball if we hadn't been driving home from NY on the first Sunday (8 1/2 hours just from Long Island!). Then again, maybe not...

So here is the front door banner. A friend gave me the felt pieces a few years ago, and I put everything together. The flames are pinned on one by one as time goes by. We'll put up a Christmas wreath when Christmas gets here. I think a pine wreath with four bows (3 purple and one rose) would also be a nice Advent remembrance.Our Advent wreath is usually decorated with evergreen pieces from our Christmas tree. Since we don't have that yet, I put the candles on a cake stand for now. These are those big, glass novena candles, so they make quite a display already.I bought a beautiful, gigantic Advent calendar this year. Some other families have noticed that some days are more political than religious, so we'll tweak those few. I've actually got several to fix, as I bought nine more to give to our godchildren next year!The homeschoolers are still trying to say a rosary decade with meditations during the week, so this is what the prayer table looks like right now.I thought the Advent calendar would be "enough", but the children did want to use our Jesse tree again. We made the shrinky-dink ornaments last year, and I've seen several poring over them in the basket, finding their favorites and remembering which ones they colored. It will be nice to go over the scriptures and symbols again.

Now to spend some time preparing our hearts for Christ. Happy Advent to you!

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