Thursday, November 27, 2008

Delaware Doldrums

Alternate title: "Delaware Makes Me Grumpy"

Alternate alternate title: "I Hate Delaware"

Traveling through Delaware seems to be an ordeal every time. I'll bet we're only in the state for 15 miles, but they are often the most trying of a trip up the 95 corridor.

Tuesday night was no exception. Late night, not THAT close to Thanksgiving, and this time it took 45 minutes to go ONE mile. Ugh!

It's gotten to the point that I didn't even pray that Delaware would pass quickly (Some prayers are just answered, "No."), but that I would have a good attitude about it all. And I was okay for awhile, even listening to an educational cd (Mary in Scripture) while everyone else slept. Slept! (Although it was actually a good thing that I was wide awake...)

Eventually we were through and made it to my parents' house and are now enjoying the feast of food and family time that is our Thanksgiving. It's wonderful.

And there's always the bright side to look on: the drive up was definitely better than our drive home will be: south on 95 on the Sunday after the holiday!

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