Thursday, August 7, 2008

Men and Directions

The most surreal part of my beach trip occurred during the drive up. There I was, stuck in another Delaware construction backup. Last year it took 45 minutes to travel a mile and a half in the middle of the night! I saw the warning sign detailing the length of the congestion, but couldn't find the map, which probably wouldn't have had the detail to help me anyway. What would you have done?

I called my wonderful husband. He checked a map, and then went online. While he found my location, I inched over to the exit. Then Len proceeded to direct me in great detail around the obstruction and back to the highway just in time to get over the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Our "conversation" went something like this:

"You're coming to a fork in the road. Go left."
"Okay. There it is."

"Next comes Patuxent Street."
"Red light. Green light. Okay, there it is."

"You'll pass a shopping mall soon. Keep going straight."

I hadn't known he'd be able to find so much information, but it surprised me not a bit that I could call him late at night and that he would come through for me once again. Thanks, honey!

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