Sunday, January 13, 2008

Me and My House, January 13, 2008

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

The "Me and My House" blog was created for family and faraway friends to keep up with what's going on with everyone here. As it turns out, I hardly ever post there, so tonight I'm deleting that blog. Everyone once in a while I'll post a "MAMH" entry here. Hopefully it won't bore the thousands of other readers (hee-hee) who aren't already friends.

Rebecca is still uninterested in potty training, but is lots of fun in other ways. She is good at keeping herself busy: painting, "writing", looking at books, playing with dolls and animals, playing in her kitchen, working puzzles, etc. She has to do something none of our other toddlers did: keep all her play out of the dog's reach. Overall success rate: 97%. Consequence of remaining 3%: chewed to oblivion whatever it was.

Marianna is preparing for her First Penance on January 26th. We've been reading King of the Golden City together. She recently went ice skating for the 2nd time and really enjoyed herself.

Joseph (along with Marianna and Daniel) is going to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg with me later this week. We'll stay overnight at this hotel-with-an-indoor-waterpark. This was the "big" Christmas present for the three of them, and I'm looking forward to it, too. Len will be off work, taking care of Rebecca and carpooling responsibilities.

Daniel will probably be going to Trinity for 8th grade next year. We just submitted an application update. He applied and was accepted last year, so there was only a small amount of paperwork to catch up on. He should fit right in, although he'll be ahead in math and behind in Latin (which I'm hoping to remedy this semester!).

David recently attended a winter training weekend with his "ship" (Sea Scout crewmates). It was mostly book learning, but real boat work is coming up soon. Today he auditioned for a one-act play being put on by a local church youth group.

Lauren has almost finished submitting her college applications and portfolios. Now comes the waiting game... She is starting a painting class soon. It won't affect her portfolios, but she is looking forward to learning more about oil and acrylic work.

Len went kayaking yesterday. Some kids are surprised he goes boating in the cold, but not me--he loves the physicality of boating and the beauty of the water. There's always a list of home projects to distract him from work and paperwork and Daniel's confirmation training. The latest chore was yesterday's garage door repair. Not exciting, but useful.

I'm teaching in the art co-op this week. I'll have to post about this co-op later--it's been great! I'm trying to make time to read for two book clubs, one in the neighborhood (on Wednesday!) and one November 21 with some women on-line (In This House of Brede). Now it's time to plan a few days of school work before I get too sleepy.

The post below (Me and My House "archives") contains the 4 posts from the soon-to-be-deleted blog.

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