Monday, March 11, 2013

Anniversary Cake

For Lauren's roommate/bridesmaid's parents' 25th . . . a surprise party!
Inside:  almond cake and raspberry jam
Outside:  French buttercream with chocolate ganache

Baker's details:
  • The tiers are 6", 8", and 10" in diameter.
  • In previous cakes, my 8" layers have been noticeably shorter than the others.  I put in the recommended amount of batter, but it wasn't right.  This time I calculated pan volumes and scaled back the batter for the 6" and 10" pans.  I'd say the overall proportion is the best I've made.
  • The Cornelli lace design is simple (learned from a Wilton yearbook ages ago):  randomly squiggle the icing without letting it cross over itself.  (That doesn't mean it's quick to do--just simple!)
  • I've used the lace in color to accent cakes before, but this is only the second time I've piped it with ganache.  I love the look--sophisticated and elegant.  Last time I used it just on the side of a cake, but I love how beautiful the lace looks when it drapes over the top edge.
  • Lace bonus:  the under-icing doesn't need to be perfectly smooth.  Of course, mine is . . . cough-cough.
  • A and I had planned to set a picture on top, but once all the chocolate was installed, the cake really needed a pop of color.  Spray roses to the rescue!
 Before:  elegant, yes, but don't you agree it needed the roses?


Frau Nelson said...

I agree, the roses made it perfect. GORGEOUS!

Pam said...

Gorgeous cake! and so happy to see you're posting again. now I can start looking at your blog regularly again. ;)