Friday, August 17, 2012

The Countdown Continues

Except in the kitchen, my housekeeping style is more "tidy" than "clean."  Our family is proficient at picking up, and cooperates well for the regular daily and weekly chores.  But we don't dust.  Or wash windows. Or wipe baseboards.  You get the idea.

With the wedding coming up (8 days!!!), it's time to clean a little deeper than usual.  I proposed a housecleaning list, but never got around to writing one.  Who did?  Bingo--my marvelous husband. 

This dry erase board in the kitchen is our central spot for doodling, reminders, and announcements.  (The whole board was once marked off with auto striping tape to make a deluxe--and EPIC FAILURE--chore chart, but that's a tale for another day.)
He may not have great handwriting, but his ideas and work ethic are second to none.  =)  Len wrote down dates and areas, and every evening has led the charge.  We're not covering regular work, but decluttering (the mudroom), wiping walls and baseboards (the bathrooms), etc.  Our home will never be magazine-perfect, but it will soon be both neat and clean, ready for our biggest hospitality event so far.

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