Friday, August 10, 2012

Sew Amazing

A friend who knew I was sewing with the little girls this year showed me a quilt top she had made and recommended Quilt in a Day by Eleanor Burns.  Apparently she is a strip quilting/machine piecing pioneer.

I eventually did some research and mentioned that I would try quilting with Rebecca this fall.  Unfortunately, I doubted Marianna would have time due to commuting, school, homework, sports, etc.  Well, C volunteered to teach Marianna the process this summer.  What a gift!

She met us at the fabric store (in the last few days of a big sale) and spent nearly two hours coaching us through fabric selection.  (Log cabin piecing requires a specific size and color coordination.)  Here's what we purchased:
 And here's the result so far:
This is the quilt top (fields and furrows pattern).  I'm told that Marianna sewed nearly every stitch herself.  Soon the team will tie the top to the batting and backing (a turquoise sheet--the patterned border will wrap around to the back), then bind the edges.

I'm grateful and impressed.  Marianna is justifiably thrilled and proud.


Cindy said...

I am very proud of Marianna. What a great skill learned so quickly and what a beautiful product. I loved seeing it hanging from the railing!

Frau Nelson said...