Thursday, August 9, 2012

Busy Days

Lauren and Adam's wedding is two weeks away! My days alternate between busy and procrastinating, but Lauren seems to be working every minute on detail after detail. Here's a glance at what's been going on here:
Alterations Continue (I had a larger picture here but was told to remove it because "it showed too much.")
I'm baking the wedding cake--my "usual"--hazelnut with raspberry jam, chocolate ganache, and French buttercream.  For Len's birthday I made a sample to test a bittersweet chocolate (thumbs up!) and try out an icing style that the bride is considering.
A florist will prepare the church arrangements and boutonnieres; Lauren and her helpers (many guests are artists . . . ) will create the bouquets and centerpieces.  This was our "field trip" to a floral wholesaler in MD.
 The refrigerated room--note our sweaters--brr!

Lauren's photos served multiple purposes.  Most flowers were neither labeled nor priced, so she brought her camera to the next room to show the salesman.  He identified the plants and looked up their current prices.  She's also used her pictures as references while planning her order.
Adam's uncle will be renting his town house to the newlyweds (and Adam's brother).  Friends and family have been working hard to clean after the previous tenant's departure.
Allegedly power washing the deck . . .   :-)
 The Groom painting yet another ceiling
 The Father of the Bride, painting the kitchen
I've always baked wedding cakes in stages, so it was fun to pile up the ingredients to get a perspective of how much richness is going into this dessert.  The cake (and icing) will need 44 sticks of butter (44!), 32 eggs, and 11 cups of sour cream (those are gigantic tubs in the photo)!  It will be 4 tiers:  6", 9", 12", and 16" in diameter.  We will NOT run out of cake.
 Cake mixes for the days to come--8 double batches of dry ingredients
Of course there's lots more going on--dance lessons, program writing and rewriting and editing, music plans, DJ interview, caterer and venue details to finalize, the flower girl's dress and basket to prepare, and on and on and on.

Many hands are making light work, but Lauren and Len especially impress me with their dedication and continuous efforts.  I am so grateful to both of them.

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