Thursday, March 15, 2012

Me and My House: March 2012

" . . . decide today whom you will serve . . . 
As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

That's our goal, anyway.  Lately we've been trying to read Scripture in conjunction with the Lenten "Jesus Tree."
Here's a snapshot of what else is going on:
  • Len supervised the replacement of his parents' driveway with a new, concrete one.  The owner of the concrete company is a friend from elementary and high school.  Who has such long term connections in northern Virginia?  Wow!
  • I signed our family up to pray outside an abortion clinic in conjunction with 40 Days for Life, a peaceful, prayerful, worldwide movement.  We spent an hour lifting up babies, their parents, and the clinic workers.
  • Lauren is home for spring break this week.  She's been visiting, doing schoolwork, and preparing for life after college.  She and most of her bridesmaids went dress shopping, and today Adam and Lauren went apartment hunting.  No final decisions on either front, although Lauren found a dress for herself for the rehearsal.
  • David (also home for spring break--hurrah!) and Colette celebrated Pi Day (3.14) by making two pies:  a chilled, creamy raspberry and a baked cranberry.  Those who didn't give up dessert for Lent seemed to enjoy both.  ;-)
  • On Saturday Daniel took his first SAT.  He's practicing the goalie position on his school's lacrosse team; the first game is next week.
  • Joseph is not playing lacrosse, but has joined the running club at school.  With our current warm temperatures (hitting the 80's this week!), he must be working hard.
  • This year Marianna is dancing in both her regular and a "show" class, which means she is stepping out quite a bit this month.  Last weekend she danced in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Washington, DC:

She's got two performances tomorrow, with another on Saturday, and a second parade!
  • Rebecca, our resident ballerina, has learned some Irish steps so she and Marianna can dance together.  She was disappointed yesterday (and wasn't the only one) to discover that Tangled is no longer available on Netflix's instant programming.  We were hoping to to watch it with Lauren, who has shockingly never seen it!  Even Daniel and Joseph enjoy this movie, and quote their favorite sections.
I've been trying to type this up all week, so rather than searching for a clever conclusion, I'll just wish you continued growth and peace this Lent.

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Colette said...

My first named appearance! I am honoured. It's been so nice being on break, spending time with Clan Rice again this week, I almost don't want to go back to school. :)