Monday, February 27, 2012

Me and My House 2/2012

There's usually plenty going on around here.  A mini update:

  • Len recently removed a dog's salivary gland.  (He's always got an interesting or quease-inducing story to share.)  His latest home project was winnowing our 2011 photos down to 9 collage pages and printing out a set for each of our memory books.  It's hard to imagine that we once debated whether or not we would enjoy owning a digital camera!
  • I'm trying to subdue a sore throat in time for tomorrow's neighborhood Soup Night (New England clam chowder and Italian sausage soup--yum!)
  • Lauren is crazy busy with her final semester.  Her workload includes three studio classes, an internship at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the planning of the senior art show.  Over Christmas break we visited a seamstress and signed contracts with a caterer and dj.  
  • David is carrying fewer credits than last semester, but his workload is no smaller.  His classes include math, physics, and computer science, and are all mind-expanding and time consuming (hours and hours of homework).  On Saturday he fenced in a tournament at GMU, and the girls and I were able to attend.
That's my boy--the one with the French braids and mutton chops!  ;-)
  • Here's footage of one of his matches.  David is on the left.  I don't understand the rules well enough to follow along.  I just watch the director's hands to find out who makes each point.  (David won this match.)
  • Daniel earned his driver's license in January and we are both enjoying his burgeoning independence.  He turned 17 on Saturday and will begin lacrosse practice this week.
  • Yesterday Joseph performed in TYOF's latest concert.  Both orchestras sounded fantastic!  I'd share a picture, but Joe looks too serious in all of them.  His persistent requests (and a three year dog sitting job) paid off for Joseph--he'll be flying to Rome for Holy Week!
  • Marianna has been dancing for several years, but only recently joined an Irish "show class."  Now she's preparing to dance in two parades and at multiple other St. Patrick's Day (really all through mid-March) events.  She's nervous but excited.  Marianna, her best friend, and Becca created and performed a play (about an orphan who dreams of dancing on Broadway) which we all enjoyed immensely!
  • For weeks Rebecca had an exceptionally tidy, elaborate Indian encampment set up in my bedroom.  We finally moved it into Lauren's usually unoccupied room, and it's now been transformed into a messy American Girl/Playmobil wonderland.  We also pulled the couch forward in the family room so Becca can leave her doll house set up behind it.  I am happy to make room for such imaginative play.
I hope you and yours are enjoying this last little bit of February.  Some days it feels as if spring is already here!

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