Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Being My Valentine--How I Know He Loves Me #7

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My husband believes I'm beautiful and tells me so.  This should probably count as a double gift!  Most women aren't 100% satisfied with their looks, and I'm no exception.  Yet I don't doubt Len's sincerity when he compliments me.  It's important for me to feel attractive to him, and it's such a relief that he doesn't require my physical perfection.  (His acceptance is beneficial to my overall self-esteem, too.)

This week I've been celebrating some of the ways Len shows his love for me.  Paying attention to his gestures makes me appreciate my husband more than ever.  I highly recommend making the effort!

Expressing my love in the ways that reach him best is a related topic.  If you haven't investigated the concept of love languages yet, grab a book from your library.  We've read The Five Love Languages of Children and found it both fascinating and helpful for understanding each other as well as our children.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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