Monday, January 30, 2012

Reversible Tote Bags

It took us several sessions (including a trip to the quilting store for fabric), but the girls and I have finished their reversible tote bags.  I am so impressed!  They're roomy and beautiful and we made them!
Here's Rebecca sewing across a corner to make a flat bottom for the bag. 
Becca used a chopstick to turn the handle right side out.  I think the instructions in the book had us cut the strips too narrow, so we made Marianna's wider. 
 I love this peek inside . . .
 The outside of the bag and its handles were sewn inside the lining--counterintuitive for beginners.  Reaching in to pull everything right side out was so much fun!

 After cutting, stiching, pressing, etc., Marianna finished her project by topstitching around the tote's opening.
 Ta da!
Aren't these fabrics gorgeous?  Yes, I influenced Marianna's choice, steering her away from polka dots and puppy dogs.  She will not outgrow this bag.
Rebecca can rarely be persuaded away from a choice once she's made it.  She has a strong sense of personal style.  In this instance, I'd call it  . . . preppy? 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flour Tower

Rebecca found this game in a book that was just lying around.  Quite the persistent child, she managed to pull Marianna and me into the simple fun:

Compact flour in a small bowl.  Turn it out onto a cutting board and top with a penny.  (Sorry for the fuzzy photo!)
Slice away chunks of flour.
If you topple the penny, you lose!