Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekends Aren't Always for Relaxing

But you already knew that, right?  Consider this morning:
  • Walk the dog 0700-0750.
  • Drive Joe to violin 0800.
  • Shower, dress, make arrangements for Marianna's day.
  • Drive Daniel to 0900 mass, pick up Joe.
  • Grab 1/2 a bagel, make arrangements for Rebecca's day.
  • 0940:  Drive Becca to a friend's house.
  • 1000:  Chapel visit, pick up Daniel.
  • 1035:  Home again.
Still to come: the end-of-season sports party for the boys (I must drive and stay), an afternoon meeting for Len (when he gets home from work), and a high school party for Daniel (we only have to pick up for that).  That's all I remember without checking my planner!  Then there are the standard weekend chores (all of us), laundry, cooking and eating dinner (we may all be home for that!).  None of which include the "real" to-do list--school prep, sewing, processing meat for the freezer, online research and ordering, and a million other fun or important tasks.

The sun is shining and the leaves are gorgeous outside.  Maybe we'll get out in the freshness. (Dusty's walk only half counts, since it's mostly dark and I don't have a human companion on the weekends.)

Enjoy your day!

Random photo:

We recently had the driveway dug up (by a bulldozer) and repaved.  The girls and I enjoyed watching the process, and I got a kick out of having a steamroller (?) in my gargage.    ;-)

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