Sunday, November 13, 2011

Napkins Galore!

It took us several sewing sessions, but we did finish our napkin project.  This was the first official lesson (after 3 mini-projects) in Stitch by Stitch.  After completing one napkin, we made the rest smaller, as the girls thought the specified measurements were just too big.  The bonus is that we now had enough fabric for almost a dozen napkins (plus a few for the dolls, plus leftover cloth). 
All three of us practiced mitering corners and sewing straight lines.  Some results were better than others.  :-)  I'm nearly as much of a beginner as they are.
A cloth napkin may not need laundering after each meal, so it's useful to keep your own until it's soiled.  Somewhere long ago (probably on a blog) I read about personalized napkin rings, which inspired our next creations:
Using already on-hand memory wire and beads, we began a collection.  The wooden beads are for the boys.  We girls made our own, plus a few for guests.  Maybe we'll get fancier eventually, but this works for now.
A final image:  Learning to sew has brought out Becca's inner ironer.  I'm not surprised; even though she can be messy, Rebecca usually prefers things "just so."

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