Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sew Fun

Learning to sew is a big item on this year's school agenda.  I've blocked off two mornings a week, which means that even if I slack off we'll still accomplish something.

The girls and I are working through Stitch by Stitch (thanks, Elizabeth, for the inspiration!).  We started in September, creating a stitch sampler to see just what our old machine can do.

Next up  was another mini-project (not even at lesson one yet!):  machine appliqueing on a t-shirt.  Knowing the anxiety level/perfectionistic attitude of some members of the crew, I gave a pep talk about process vs. product, we're all learning together, etc. etc.  I also decided we would work on a sample together, using a discarded shirt, before making the ones that mattered.

After shopping trips to aquire t-shirts, fusible webbing, and iron-on stabilizer, we were ready to begin.  BTW, the shopping isn't easy for me.  I am so not in my element at the fabric store.  The folks there are helpful, but sometimes I'm so hazy about what I want/need that it's hard for them to answer my questions.  Anyway . . .

 Ta da!  What we thought would be a throw-away is now a night shirt!
Then it was on to the real appliques.  BTW, Deborah specifically recommended hearts so we could practice straight lines (we sewed them first), corner pivots, and curved lines.
The appliques are ironed onto the stablized t-shirts, then the edges are stitched to prevent unraveling.

Since then, we've completed lesson one (napkins) and bought our supplies for lesson two (a variation on a placemat with pockets).  More pictures to come . . .