Saturday, August 20, 2011

Emptying Nest

Thursday was surreal.

Lauren was nannying.
David worked at the bike shop.
Daniel is still in Spain at World Youth Day.
Joseph was at camp.
Marianna spent the day with her best friend and Lauren.
Rebecca was in MD, visiting her favorite cousin.

Okay, a few of the kids were home for dinner, but it was strange to be in such an empty house for so long.  At least my chores were still family oriented--grocery shopping, school planning, organizing, etc.

Some quiet and uninterrupted time is refreshing, but I'm going to miss this crowd when they're gone!


Alli R said...

you've got a while yet before your nest is empty, and by that time, you'll probably be gifted with a handful of grabdchildren. God will fill your life in the next phase, and you will be blessed with new ways to serve him in this world.
I'm not trying to brush aside your cuurent feelings, but could there be a bit of the "bithday blues" creeping in?
Love you!

Alli R said...

Ooops! Freudian slip in line 3? I need to edit my spelling more carefully.:)

Alli R said...

PS: I really enjoy reading your blog. I have finally figured out how to leave comments. What a great tool God has given us to stay in touch! Thanks for taking the time in your very busy life.

Barbara said...


I didn't realize this post sounded wistful or blue. It was more that I noticed how strange it is at my current stage to end up with an empty house for a day. I've made peace with my big birthday at last! I will miss the intimate involvement in my children's lives, but all the grandparents I know rave about what a wonderful stage that is--trying to accept that on faith! Thanks for writing!

Anne said...

I hope you had a wonderful 50th birthday!