Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small Successes: Homemaking Tweaks

I haven't written a "small successes" post since April, and in that time it's moved from Faith and Family Live to Chocolate for Your Brain
Here are a few of my recent (not all this week, though) accomplishments:

1. We have an effective chore system, and one of the weekly tasks is the emptying of trash cans.  Historically this worked fine for 9 out of 10 containers, but the receptacle in the kids' bathroom was always overflowing before Saturday.  Overflowing.  Every week.  With trash on the floor.  Ugh!  It took many years, but I finally came up with the no-duh solution--I bought a bigger trash can.
Not bad for a $5 impulse buy

2. My in-laws generously bought me a new bread machine 2 Christmases ago, which I've mostly used for making dough.  This summer I've been working to develop a 100% whole wheat recipe that will mix and bake in the machine.  It will save time and is so much more energy efficient than using the oven, especially in hot weather.  I've had some successes and failures, and so far don't have a keeper recipe.  Yesterday's attempt came out fairly well, though (a little dry, and I'd prefer a perfectly smooth top).
3. I have a pantry with plenty of wire shelves, plus an extra high set that Len built for me long ago, but sometimes it's still tricky to manage all the food and equipment I want to store in there.  Lately the bags have been driving me crazy!  We have more than usual--Boy Scout popcorn, chips, pretzels, rice cakes, tortilla chips, etc.  Not everything is open or eaten every day, but those floppy bags take up space and get jumbled and fall down from on high.

I decided to buy a container to corral all those goodies--something clear or with open sides so we'd be able to view its contents.  It also needed to be light enough to easily pull down from the shelf.  I located a few possibilities in the store, but as I kept wandering I found . . . ta da . . . a laundry basket!  It's light, open on the sides, and cost an unbelievable $2.75.
Yes, I know I'm easily amused.  Thank you for pointing that out.  ;-)

Sherry has links to other moms' successes.  Go be inspired!


SherryTex said...

Welcome back to Small Success Thursday and I'm sorry Mr. Linky wasn't working, I've fixed it now and have a link to your blog. (It's beautiful by the way). And I believe I have a trip calling me to Target to solve the same overflowing problem...the same way. Simplest is best. Have a great week!

*kate said...

Great solutions for the bathroom and pantry. I love finding those little tricks too, makes me feel so smart :)
I'm trying to figure out the best bread machine recipes too b/c the ones that come with it are blech and you're right about it being so much easier than the oven.

JJ's Mom said...

Love the successes this week! I'm working on organizing the whole house so you've served as a great inspiration this week. God Bless!

Sue said...

Awe I too enjoy the simple things! I found you via Small Success Thursday and I'm a new follower! Cheers Sue

Melissa G said...

Love the laundry basket idea! My sister posted an idea of using an old CD rack from IKEA to hold her tupperware lids in her cupboard. I love simple and frugal organizing ideas!
I'd be interested in that whole wheat breadmachine recipe when you have a chance. I haven't found one I like yet.