Friday, June 3, 2011


Some recent happenings

 Princess Brooke serving Prince Daniel at their Engagement Tea.

Len removed a sickly tadpole from the group and commenced viewing under the stereoscope (20X and 40X).
We were able to see its eye, the passing of gas and waste, and blood circulating around its tail.  Cool!
What began as the after-dessert discovery of dinner's sliced watermelon quickly morphed into an eating contest, complete with laughter and dripping chins.

The entire family is fascinated by the tadpoles.
Yeah, I think we'll keep the lid on their habitat . . .

Joseph's scout troop held a Court of Honor this week, and we all managed to attend the ceremony and potluck dinner.  Joe earned several merit badges and his Star rank.  He's really enjoying this group of young men and is looking forward to a high-adventure trip to Alaska this summer.

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